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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2013SeptemberArnold & Itkin, LLP Files for Compensation After T-Bone Accident

Arnold & Itkin, LLP Files for Compensation After T-Bone Accident

Following a terrifying accident in the middle of an intersection, a man suffered injuries to his lower back, which led him to seeking the assistance of Arnold & Itkin LLP in his effort to claim compensation. The client's vehicle was broadsided by an 18-Wheeler after the truck drove through a stop sign, causing injuries that led to unexpected expenses for the Houston resident.

While the accident was not a fair match between the large truck and the smaller vehicle, the legal proceedings will turn the tables in an even exchange. Attorneys Jason Itkin, Cory Itkin and Noah Wexler filed the suit on behalf of the Houston man, claiming compensation to cover his medical bills as well as the lost wages incurred by the injuries. The case was filed in Harris County, Texas and will be prosecuted with the intention of recovering full compensation for the client's injuries.

Arnold & Itkin LLP represents trucking accident victims from all over Texas. Contact the truck accident attorneys at the firm to discuss your situation and options for pursuing compensation.


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