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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2013OctoberWest Virginia Truck-Train Injures 24, Causes 1 Death

West Virginia Truck-Train Injures 24, Causes 1 Death

A logging truck collided with a train in West Virginia on Thursday, killing 1 passenger and injuring another 24 victims. According to Fox News, the train was carrying guests on a scenic tour of the colorful fall foliage of West Virginia.

The exact cause for the crash, which occurred in the state's eastern Appalachian region, wasn't immediately known. The train was owned and operated by Durbin & Greenbrier Railroad. This company operates several trains in the area including the Cheat Mountain Salamander that runs a 6.5 hour trip of the scenic mountains Tuesdays through Saturdays for tourists.

Extent of the Damage

The railroad said that there were three passenger cars on the trip on Friday that planned to take guests more than 4,000 feet up into the Appalachian Mountains. Two of the rail cars were tipped to their sides and the logs spilled out all over the road. Authorities originally declared that over 60 individuals were hurt in the accident, but a hospital official gave the final count at 24. Many of the alleged victims were simply shocked and assumed injuries that were non-existent.

Dozens of the victims after the accident were brought to the hospital by a school bus and many were released for a lack of injuries shortly after. Many of these shaken up victims were given "comfort care" before they were released to help them cope with the shock of the incident. The hospital determined that 24 victims actually needed treatment, one of those was in stable condition and two were in serious condition. Three people were actually admitted to the hospital following the crash.

Accident Still Under Investigation

News footage shows the chaotic scene with logs rolling all over the hills and emergency rescue crews trying to pull victims from the wreckage of the overturned cars. The Route 250 over Cheat Mountain where the logging truck was driving has been closed indefinitely. The driver of the logging truck was not immediately identified after the accident. Many are still

The crash could have caused an excessive amount of damage. The train travels alongside a boulder-strewn river and then crosses a bridge that is not much wider than the train. At one point the train also travels through a long tunnel and then passes an abandoned rail bridge.

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