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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2013MarchTruck Accidents: Steel Bumpers May Worsen Your Injuries

Truck Accidents: Steel Bumpers May Worsen Your Injuries

Truck accidents are a frightening experience, namely because the size of the truck far surpasses that of your average vehicle used on your daily commutes. Unfortunately, the size of these vehicles are not the only concern when involved in an accident with a large truck, it is the make of their bumpers. Steel bumpers are still being used on a number of 18-wheeler trucks as well as other commercial vehicles that are on the roads today. The majority of passenger vehicles currently use an energy absorbing bumper that helps protect the car and the passengers in the even to an accident, and because these trucks are still using steel, it is posing as a dangerous threat to others on the road.

Steel bumpers can significantly increase the severity of the damages in an accident, likely resulting in the victims of the other vehicles incurring much worse injuries. This material is much less giving in the event of an accident which means that the extent of the accident will be far worse. As a passenger vehicle driver, it is important to realize the differences between the materials used to make your cars and that of the trucks on the road when you are involved in an accident, as this can play a large role in proving your claim.

In the event that you have been involved in a trucking accident, contact Arnold & Itkin for a trusted truck accident attorney who can fight on your behalf. It is obvious why the auto industry is continuing to utilize more accident friendly materials such as plastics and other energy absorbing materials; and because of this our firm may be able to help you seek compensation for your accident and subsequent injuries. Call us today for more information or fill out an online case evaluation!


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