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New York Dump Truck Driver Injured in Accident

In an accident that took place this Monday, February 27, a dump truck driver sustained serious injuries after his truck rolled down a hill. The 58-year-old dump truck driver, a New York resident, was at the Ontario County Landfill attempting to dump a load into the landfill at 9 in the morning. He lost control of his truck, causing it to fall down into a ditch at the bottom of an embankment. The dump truck driver said that he was suffering from back, chest, face, and jaw pain after the accident. He was transported to a hospital after the accident.

Truck accidents are caused by a number of factors, and while it is not known exactly how the dump truck driver lost control, it could have been due to one of the following. Dangerous roads often contribute to trucking accidents, and if the road at the Ontario County Landfill was unsafe, it may have contributed to the accident. The driver may also have been negligent and rushed the dumping process, causing him to fall. Also, the types of cargo trucks are carrying can contribute to accidents. Whatever the case, a truck accident investigation should be conducted to conclude the exact cause of the accident.

If you have been involved in a truck accident and it was due to dangerous roads or some other factor, then you should seek the help of an experienced truck accident attorney at Arnold & Itkin LLP. We understand all the different types of truck accident causes and know how best to defend you, no matter what your specific situation. We will help you through the legal process and come alongside you to answer any questions you may have, so contact a truck accident lawyer from our firm today.


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