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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2012JuneArnold & Itkin Files Suit for Woman Injured by Pest Control Vehicle

Arnold & Itkin Files Suit for Woman Injured by Pest Control Vehicle

Attorneys at Arnold & Itkin would like to announce that they have recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Houston, Texas woman who was injured in a vehicle collision. The woman was rear-ended by a commercial pest control truck while she was driving in a passenger vehicle. The driver of the truck was not paying attention. This crash caused the woman to suffer a serious neck injury that needed medical attention. Our firm is proud to represent this client to ensure that she gets the compensation that she deserves. Neck injuries are incredibly serious.

Those that are severe enough will cause a victim to be permanently disabled and suffer from conditions such as paralysis. Victims of neck injuries may have to pay for extensive medical treatments as well as take extended time off of work. Arnold & Itkin LLP can fight to defend those who have become the victims of truck driver negligence. The trucking industry needs to be held responsible for their actions, so speak with our firm if you have been injured in a similar incident.


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