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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2012FebruaryPennsylvania Propane Truck Accident

Pennsylvania Propane Truck Accident

In the Sugarloaf Township area of Pennsylvania last week, a propane-carrying truck completely shut down Route 93. The truck was heading south on the highway when the driver dropped a drink on the floor of the truck's cab. The driver bent over to pick the drink up, causing him to hit a tree and overturn his truck. The driver sustained some injuries but remained conscious.

Firefighters immediately arrived on the scene to properly take care of the gas leak.

The fire chief stated that the leak was too large to simply be plugged, so the firefighters had to burn off the gas in the truck, a process that would take about two hours. If the gas escaped naturally from the leak it would have taken eight hours, because the truck was holding about 2,400 gallons. An accident like this could force people living in nearby areas to leave their homes or businesses, but reports did not state if this was the case.

This accident could have been avoided, and because of truck driver negligence, a highway had to be completely closed for hours, no doubt causing major traffic jams in other areas. The accident also could have caused people to be evacuated from their homes and businesses in the surrounding areas. In a worst-case scenario, the truck accident even could have caused a major fire.


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