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Arnold & Itkin LLP Truck Accident Blog2011DecemberFMCSA Laws Regarding Tractor Trailer Safety

FMCSA Laws Regarding Tractor Trailer Safety

When we discuss truck accidents, we usually talk about truck driver negligence or employer negligence. Rarely is the topic of truck safety brought up in regards to the cause of a trucking accident. Many people may not realize, but there are dozens of laws that regulate the safety of trucks and how they must be maintained, in addition to laws regarding safe truck driving methods. In Vehicle Regulations, Part 393, the parts and accessories necessary for safe operation are described in great detail.

Subpart A provides definitions and the scope of the rules; Subpart B explains safety measures and requirements for lamps, reflective devices, and electrical wiring; Subpart C defines requirements for brakes; Subpart D explains the law regarding glazing and window construction; Subpart F gives the rules for coupling devices and towing methods; Subpart G provides information about miscellaneous parts and accessories; Subpart H tells of the rules for emergency equipment; Subpart I explains the safety in protecting against shifting and falling cargo; Subpart J is about the safety of the frames, cab and body components, wheels, steering, and the suspension systems.

As anyone can see, the law surrounding the safety of a tractor trailer is extremely complex. If one safety standard is in violation of any subsection of Part 393, the employer or truck driver may be held liable for any damages caused by a truck accident. Ensuring the safety of such a large commercial vehicle is essential – it is an important way that a trucking company can work to reduce the number of accidents or incidents involving their drivers. While truck accidents may be caused due to a variety of factors, ensuring that the truck is safely and properly constructed will be pivotal in decreasing the number of truck accidents that occur across the nation each year.


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