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Roland Christensen is a passionate trial lawyer. His primary areas of practice include catastrophic injury, including serious truck accidents.

Attending school at Brigham Young University, Roland earned a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies. From there he went on to attend the J. Reuben Clark Law School, where he served as the lead editor for the BYU Law Review. He also won the school’s negotiation competition and had the highest scoring briefs in both his legal and advanced appellate brief writing class. Roland graduated magna cum laude (with great distinction) and was one of the top 20 students in his class.

Before even beginning his practicing as an attorney, Roland made great strides in the legal realm. During his time as a legal writing teaching assistant, he created a 150-page manual that is now used in first-year writing classes at BYU Law School. He then went on to write an analysis of tort reform, clearing up common myths and misinterpretations on the subject. This paper, Behind the Curtain of Tort Reform, is now published in the BYU Law Review.

Roland has worked with numerous legal professionals to hone his skills. While still in law school, he interned with the Southern District of Texas for the Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal and worked various roles for a number of large Houston law firms. He also held a prestigious position working in the Criminal Appeals Division of the Utah Attorney General.

Roland invested significant time in the Texas legal field while in law school through various roles and internships. Not long after graduation, he began working with Arnold & Itkin as a law clerk. Roland is now an aggressive advocate for the firm’s clients as a zealous trial attorney. He has a clear passion for helping individuals and families affected by injury and tirelessly works to give clients the best legal representation possible.

“At Arnold & Itkin, we go the distance. Lawsuits are hard and many defendants don’t want to take accountability, especially when the facts of the case are tragic. When other attorneys may give up, we work even harder and fight for clients to obtain the best possible results.”
  • Brigham Young University
  • J. Reuben Clark Law School,
    Brigham Young University
  • Top 40 Under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers
  • State Bar of Texas
  • State Bar of Louisiana
  • State Bar of California
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Texas
  • United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas
  • United States District Court, Northern District of Texas
  • United States District Court, Western District of Texas
  • United States District Court, Western District of Tennessee
  • United States District Court, Western District of Louisiana
Quick Facts
About Roland

Roland has a beautiful wife and three children. He can be found spending his free time with his family when he is not in the office assisting clients.

Roland Christensen's Results

  • 78000000.00 Million

    Our attorneys represented a client who was severely injured, successfully recovering $78 million on their behalf.

  • 18750000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin LLP settled a case for a massive amount on behalf of an injured oilfield worker. Our relentless strategy made sure our client got everything he needed.

  • 7500000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin obtained the recovery an injured worker needed just hours before the trial was to begin.

  • 6500000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin negotiated a seven-figure settlement for a barge worker who need numerous surgeries on his face and skull.

  • 5000000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin LLP negotiated a six-figure settlement for a worker who was exposed to hydrofluoric acid during a turnaround.

  • 4000000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin LLP negotiated a favorable settlement for a local man who was installing a downspout on a house when he was electrocuted by a defective power line.

  • 3000000.00 Million

    Our law firm represented an offshore worker who suffered a serious injury requiring multiple surgeries.

  • 2500000.00 Million

    Prior to trial, Arnold & Itkin was able to secure a significant settlement for a client who was seriously injured when she fell from a gangway nearly 50 feet above the water.

  • 2250000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin obtained a large settlement for a tankerman who suffered severe physical and emotional injuries.

  • 2100000.00 Million

    Arnold & Itkin LLP obtained a multimillion-dollar settlement for a Texas man who was struck and injured by a commercial truck driver.

  • 1750000.00 Million

    Attorneys Kurt Arnold, Caj Boatright, Alison Baimbridge, and Roland Christensen represented the family of a seaman who passed away at sea after suffering a heart attack without receiving proper medical care.

  • 1490000.00 Million

    When our client was struck by a distracted truck driver, he turned to our firm for help. We aggressively pushed for trial and were successful in recovering $1.49 million on his behalf.

  • 1250000.00 Million

    Our team investigated our client’s accident and compiled evidence, causing the defendants to settle before trial.

  • 1175000.00 Million

    Our firm effectively resolved product liability, premises liability, and negligence claims for a local man who suffered serious injuries in a commercial lawnmower accident.

  • 999999.00 Million Thousand

    Arnold & Itkin settled a case for a young lady with a head injury after only one deposition, bringing the case to a quick conclusion.

  • 990000.00 Thousand

    Arnold & Itkin reached a six-figure settlement for our clients, who were injured in a flash-fire explosion.

  • 922000.00 Thousand

    Our legal team helped represent a tow truck driver who was seriously injured when an 18-wheeler slammed into him while he was loading a vehicle. In the end, we reached a $922,000 settlement.

  • 800000.00 Thousand

    Attorneys Caj Boatright, Kurt Arnold, Kala Sellers, and Alison Baimbridge helped settle a case for maximum compensation after a man was dangerously exposed to H2S gas while performing routine plant maintenance.

  • 750000.00 Thousand

    Arnold & Itkin obtained a six-figure settlement for a worker whose hand was grievously injured.

  • 750000.00 Thousand

    Arnold & Itkin successfully represented a man who suffered serious dental, facial, and back injuries after his vehicle collided with an overturned 18-wheeler on the roadway.

  • 749500.00 Thousand

    We recovered nearly $750,000 on behalf of a Texas woman injured by a distracted commercial driver.

  • 650000.00 Thousand

    Arnold & Itkin negotiated a six-figure settlement for a Florida couple hurt in a truck accident in Louisiana.

  • 640000.00 Thousand

    Our attorneys represented an Alabama truck driver who was injured after an impatient 18-wheeler driver swung around another truck parking to hit our client who was in a parked vehicle.

  • 575000.00 Thousand

    Arnold & Itkin settled a truck accident case for a married couple who were rear-ended and forced into a guardrail by a large truck.

  • 500000.00 Thousand

    Our firm was proud to negotiate the settlement our client deserved after suffering from an unexpected accident in a Houston hotel.

  • 500000.00 Thousand

    Our firm aggressively litigated and secured a significant settlement for a driver who could not avoid a collision with an overturned commercial truck that was blocking the roadway.

  • 440000.00 Thousand

    Our team secured compensation for a young man who sustained injuries because of a reckless truck driver.