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Who Is At Fault for the Truck Accident?

All too often, truck drivers and trucking companies will attempt to shift the blame after an accident to place it on someone else. Listen as we discuss this common attempt and what we can do to ensure you’re protected.

We’ve handled a number of cases where a truck, an 18-wheeler, ran into someone else’s vehicle.

Instead of taking responsibility, the truck driver or the trucking company said “It wasn’t my fault—some equipment malfunctioned on my truck. It was the truck’s fault, it was the tire’s fault, it was the brakes’ fault.” They use that to try to avoid taking responsibility, to avoid having to help the person who got hurt. That excuse is not a real excuse—it’s an excuse that truck companies come up with to try to save money and avoid taking responsibility for the injuries that they cause.

Truck drivers are required to do what’s called a "pre-trip inspection." Before they turn on their vehicle, they’re supposed to go through an extensive checklist to make sure the brakes work, the lights work, that everything about that truck is in tip-top order. And if the truck driver or the trucking company doesn’t do it, they could be held responsible for your injuries, even if they say “It wasn’t our fault because something on my vehicle didn’t work right.” We have the knowledge and expertise to figure out if the pre-trip inspection was done properly and whether it played a role in causing your injuries. If you’ve been hurt because a truck’s equipment malfunctioned—call us. We can help.

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