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Representing Truck Accident Victims

At our firm, we are committed to helping the victims of serious truck accidents fight for the compensation that they deserve. Listen as we discuss what goes into handling these cases and how we can help you.

How Arnold & Itkin Helps Accident Victims

Representing somebody that’s involved in a serious truck accident or 18-wheeler crash is totally different than a car accident. You have to remember that there are so many different things that go into putting together a case against a trucking company. Importantly, there are a lot of federal regulations that govern how it is that a trucking company is supposed to hire, train, and supervise their employees. There are a lot of regulations concerning cellphone use and texting while truck driving because truck drivers have such a greater responsibility because they are so much a bigger and their loads are so much bigger. When you’re involved in a truck accident, it’s not a car accident, it’s not a fender bender—it’s usually a serious event.

What Happens After an Accident

Most trucking drivers as a part of their company handbooks have an accident investigation notebook in their truck.

If they get into an accident, they are supposed to do a few things:

  1. There not supposed to talk to you
  2. There supposed to take pictures
  3. There supposed to take statements that are favorable for the trucking company

There’s a reason for this. The trucking company wants to immediately start to figure out ways to avoid responsibility, to get out of doing the right thing after causing an accident. That’s why it’s important that you contact a lawyer right away. You want to have a lawyer involved in making sure that the facts of the accident aren’t being covered up. You want to make sure that the trucking company isn’t contacting the police officer behind your back and trying to get him to change his statement or do anything that might hurt your ability to recover.

Why Hire a Seasoned Truck Accident Attorney?

It’s important that when you get involved in a truck accident, that you get somebody that knows what they’re doing. We need to get out to the scene immediately. A lot of times we can show the exact cause by doing an accident reconstruction—no different than you might see on TV on a criminal investigation. We come out with experts and do an accident reconstruction and take physical evidence from the scene. We go and get the logs to see if they have violated their rest logs because truck drivers are required to rest so many hours under regulations. Then we dig into their files to see whether or not there are many regulations that these trucking companies routinely violate.

Unfortunately a lot of people don’t hire somebody that has experience taking on big trucking companies. They hire somebody they might see on a billboard or somebody that might do car accidents, but car accident cases and big trucking case are two different universes.

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