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Common Truck Accident Causes

Attorney Jason Itkin and Kurt Arnold discuss some of the most common causes of trucking accidents throughout the nation, including the strict requirements that truck drivers must meet to legally drive.

What Causes Trucking Accidents?

A lot of people often ask, “How is it that this could have happened to me? How is it that truck rammed into me?”

All too often, the answer is because the driver of that truck wasn’t paying attention. We’ve seen lots of cases where the drivers were fatigued because they’d been driving over the government-allowable hours or where drivers were following too close because they either weren’t paying attention or weren’t following the basic rules of safety. Unfortunately when a truck driver doesn’t pay attention they can’t stop their truck like we can stop a Honda Accord or some other car. The trucks are too big and are going too fast. So, all too often, driver fatigue or a driver not paying attention leads to terrible, catastrophic, and life-changing results for our clients.

Kurt Arnold Discusses Our Approach to a Truck Accident

There are federal requirements that drivers have a certain amount of hours of rest every day and there are certain requirements that require weekly logs not to exceed a certain amount. Many times these logs are broken, falsified, and manipulated, because these companies are pushing the drivers to drive beyond what’s the law.

It’s important when you’ve been involved in a truck accident to call us soon because they will quickly have their own investigators at the site and they’ll try to shape the story. Their story is not going to be favorable to your or your family. What we do is we have investigators immediately go to the site, we have experts that come take all the measurements, and we have an accident reconstructionist to ensure that we have all the data perfectly accurate so that they can’t shape that story against you.

We can tell the jury the truth of what happened as opposed to the cover-up of what happened.

Arnold & Itkin Is Your Best Chance at Just Compensation

If you either try to do it on your own or hire a lawyer that doesn’t have the record of success that we have, you’re not going to get the results you deserve. For example, we had a case where they wanted to settle the case for $5,000. They said, “We will never pay more than $5,000.” And we said, “Fine, we will take you at your word.” We didn’t talk settlement with them, we didn’t do anything – we got the case ready for trial. We tried the case – it took about a week to try the case – and we won for our client over a million dollar verdict. That’s the difference between Arnold & Itkin and some other firms. Some other firms might have taken the $5,000, or begged to maybe get a $20,000 settlement.

Your case is your only case. You have one case and we need to make sure that you can get your medical bills paid, that you can be taken care of, because if not, that’s it: the trucking company wins. Don’t let them make you a victim twice.

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